So Much to Be Grateful For


WOW. Just WOW. I’m such a lucky dude. A VERY lucky dude. So much to be grateful for. It’s 3:22 in the morning (HST) – that’s Hawaii Standard Time and I’m sitting here thinking about a million miles a second. […]

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WOW. Just WOW.

I’m such a lucky dude. A VERY lucky dude. So much to be grateful for.

It’s 3:22 in the morning (HST) – that’s Hawaii Standard Time and I’m sitting here thinking about a million miles a second. So much to do, so little time. (It’s later than you think …. – a line from a movie I watched part of the other night called “The Adam Project” w Ryan Reynolds.)

I’ve been “living in” Hawaii for almost a week now. It’s been really great to hang out with the girls – I’ve missed them A LOT. Ava Kalea is such a great girl and although she is addicted to her iPad and Roblox, she loves to do stuff outside, which is one of my major goals in being here – to help her get outside and get physical activity each and every day.

Yesterday I took Ava to the park and she got to ride her bike (still with training wheels) there and back. She doesn’t have much experience on it, so I hope to get her to ride it every day for at least the rest of the month …. She’ll get real good real soon I have no doubt.

I was kind of excited yesterday because Stacia said we were going to the local rec center at Mililani Town Association and pick up her ID so we can go to the local rec centers that have membership included with the condo she is renting. Once we got there, I quickly realized that membership is only for those on the lease and since she doesn’t want me on her lease, I’m not included for membership – meaning I won’t be able to take Ava swimming every day like I had planned. My thoughts and feelings quickly traveled back to last year in Las Vegas, when I wasn’t able to take Ava to the pool at their apartment complex …. Not good ….

I’ve had to work very hard to keep quiet about this. Of course she has the right not to want to put me on the lease. I’ve known for a long time that she really doesn’t want to get our family back together. BUT I’ve just been working under the assumptive sales method – assuming the ‘sale’ that we are getting back together … I guess that only goes so far. After certain amount of time, it just feels like ramming my head into a brick wall.

Although I am (for the most part) really enjoying being here, it’s a little rough being in the middle of an island that’s never been my home before – with no car and way to make money (I’ve got to work on both – and FAST). Far from any beaches and not allowed to use the local pools (without paying prohibitive guest fees). When I was here in February I was taking Ava to the beach almost every day and had plans to join the Oahu Club and/or The Elks Club at Waikiki (it looks like a really sweet lodge).

It looks like my writing time is dwindling down this morning, but here are some random thoughts as I prepare for the rest of my day:

I really miss hearing from my daughter Jacqueline Kennedy and hope that she is doing well.

I’m glad that Granny and Grandpa are having fun in Laughlin Nevada with Jim’s brothers John and Jerrel.

My project of combining all my web domains into a couple of WordPress multi-sites is in question. I’m again realizing that trying to maintain so many different websites is just plain insane … WTF do I think I’m doing with this? Where do I focus my time? It’s later than you (or I) think …

Grateful to be able to buy Stacia a nice big television at a good price from a really good guy named Noah – but feel bad for him and his wife that they have to move back to dreary Washington state (Spanaway). Stacia did remind me that they probably have bigger and better opportunity there.

It was great to see Stacia’s dad yesterday – although he (understandably) wasn’t too thrilled to see me. I’ve always thought that he is a good guy. It was nice of him to bring Ava a new bed, as well as a couple chests of drawers. Definitely helps with getting this place organized.

I was finally able to get an appointment to get my Hawaii Drivers License, but it isn’t until almost the end of the month. Feel lucky that I could get something before July. Now I need to work on getting a vehicle … Did file an application to join Hawaiian Financial Federal Credit Union – hope they will be able to give me a decent auto loan …

Thinking about getting my Hawaii real estate license (again) – but want to think about what I really want to do and how I really want to spend my time …

There is a guy in Austin named Chris Scheppler with a company called Cloud Nerds that contacted me a couple of times last week about a remote Salesforce position. I’ve expressed my interest and he’s said that they will be beginning their recruitment process – but I’m not sure what that means – and the salaries listed on their website are nowhere near market rates – or sustainable salaries for Hawaii … Not sure what to think about that.

Also think that I should probably leave this Joe Connector site in the dust and be writing at Haole Man.

So much to be grateful for … I’m choosing to have a GREAT day!


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