YouTube Subscriber Challenge Issued to Stacia and Makaya Loo

Joe Tesla Kennedy's YouTube subscriber challengeToday I made this little video to issue a subscriber challenge to Stacia Loo and Makaya Loo to see how many subscribers we can all get.

Apparently Makaya has 349 subscribers, I am at 336 and the beautiful Stacia Loo is at 244. Let’s see who can be the first to 1000 subscribers! Who are you subscribing to?

BTW – what kind of videos are you most interested in?  Local Bellevue Business news?  Real Estate news?  Travel videos?  How about really cool events?  What do you want to see?


2 thoughts on “YouTube Subscriber Challenge Issued to Stacia and Makaya Loo”

  1. As of this morning 5/27/15 Makaya's lead is growing with 10 new subscribers (359), I have only 7 new subscribers (343) and Stacia the social media queen has ZERO new subscribers (244).nn1nn1nn1

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