Looking for Great Recipes Healthy, Tasty or Healthy AND Tasty?

Great Recipes healthy vs tastyGreat Recipes Needed for Family Dinners

Since adopting a tradition of Sunday family dinners I need to try new great recipes.  What the heck – I’ve got live guinea pigs to experiment on …

I’m still not sure if I should be looking for great recipes that are healthy, or should just focus on making great recipes that are tasty.  I’m on a clean eating live-it most of the time, but I’m ok with an occasional ‘cheat meal’.  I’d prefer to serve people (especially family and friends) healthy food, but also want to make sure that it is something that they will eat and enjoy.

One ‘must have’ for this recipe is that it must be something that a picky 11 year old will eat ….  I’m thinking I could be safe this week with macaroni and cheese with bacon – but would love to hear your suggestions.

Kindly send me your GREAT recipes!  You may just get an invite to a future family dinner …

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No Smoking Bellevue: If You Are Caught Smoking, You Better Be On Fire

I really hate inconsiderate cigarette smokers. Maybe because both my parents smoked more than a pack a day when I was a kid (and are suffering from health problems as a result). Maybe because I got in inhale A LOT of their second hand smoke (this was before they came up with a name for it). It’s probably just because cigarette smoke smells HORRIBLE!

Cigarette smoke gives me a headache and makes me feel like crap. I hate the way cigarette smoke stinks. If smokers only knew …
click this link now

At any rate this video is about my plan next time someone comes and smokes a cigarette under my balcony at The Ridge in Bellevue. Watch the No Smoking Bellevuevideo to see my plan and then let me know what YOU would do.  1) If you were a smoker who got squirted with water and 2) If you had to constantly smell the smoke from somebody else’s butts.



Did I Really Just Tell My Fiance She’s Not Really a Girl?

How to Run Your Business Like a GirlI cannot believe it came out of my mouth, but I just told my fiance Stacia Loo that she’s not really a girl, that she’s more of an entrepreneur …  She chuckled – I think in agreement, but not really sure?

Stacia prides herself in being an entrepreneur, so that might have sounded good to her.  To put this in context, we were talking about my 11 year old daughter Jacqueline, who I am quickly losing touch with.  I’m trying to figure out how to get closer again, but it’s really hard to conceal the facts that I detest shopping malls, and am really not interested in makeup ….  I was thinking out loud, “owell, I guess she’s a girl” and then Stacia said “well I don’t like that stuff either”.  That’s when I told her she’s not really a girl.

BUT – the thing is, she IS totally a girl.  A little girl, a woman and an Entrepreneur.  She is a girl who is pushing through barriers and helping others while doing cool things.  She is a girl who is successful and really starting to bloom.

BTW – If you are in business and you want to learn how to get more customers online using video (ie YouTube), then you will want to go to Stacia’s free class in Bellevue next Tuesday evening June 2, 2015 from 6-9.  Here’s where you can get more info and RSVP:  YouTube Marketing for Business.

YouTube Subscriber Challenge Issued to Stacia and Makaya Loo

Joe Tesla Kennedy's YouTube subscriber challengeToday I made this little video to issue a subscriber challenge to Stacia Loo and Makaya Loo to see how many subscribers we can all get.

Apparently Makaya has 349 subscribers, I am at 336 and the beautiful Stacia Loo is at 244. Let’s see who can be the first to 1000 subscribers! Who are you subscribing to?

BTW – what kind of videos are you most interested in?  Local Bellevue Business news?  Real Estate news?  Travel videos?  How about really cool events?  What do you want to see?


A Writer Writes, A Producer Produces, Creatives are Creative

The title says it all.  A writer writes. A producer produces.  Creatives are creative.  In a sense, doers do.

Personally I’ve had ‘creative block’ which in my case was basically not attempting to create anything – something super stupid for anyone, especially someone who wants to make a difference.  One of my challenges is that I am interested in a wide variety of subjects – even get passionate about a few.  I need to clear out the clutter and decide on the few subjects that will get my attention.

Right now, our hawaiian wedding is only 144 days away and all info can be found online at JoeandStacia.com and/or #KennedyWedding

One thing that I have been recently inspired to do is to create a pilot and a web video series based on a screenplay that I am writing with the working title of “The Health Club” (could easily be title sponsored by a national or even regional health club chain, think LA Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, Crunch Fitness, etc.  I will be writing about The Health Club at least initially at Agent Hollywood Entertainment.  If you have any feedback with the concept, have a sponsorship inquiry, would like to be involved with the project please contact me.

Is It Possible to Live Life Doing Only What You Like to Do?

This weekend has been a total mindf*uck.  My fiance told me that one of the ‘coaches’ that she follows tells people that they should only do the things that they like in their businesses and in their lives.  She apparently says that people should write down all the tasks that they need to do in their businesses and in their day to day lives.  Now the explanation was not all that clear in translation, but from what I understood, this coach says that each task should be rated – and if it is not in the top 20% it should either be delegated, “surrendered” to – or completely removed from your list.

Delegation is a great thing – for CEOs, managers, or those with subservient mates (or teenagers).  Many of us simply do not have anyone to always delegate to or the resources to hire things done.

Still the same, I really wanted to consider this point of view and see if it is feasible in my life.  I thought about my recent day to day tasks – and most of them are really just that – tasks.  For the past couple of months and since I quit traveling so much, I have been getting up way too early to go to the gym with Stacia.  The alarm started going off at 5am M-F and recently ‘improved’ to 4:45am.  This is so that we can leave the gym at 7am and Stacia can get home to take Makaya to school.  To add some context, for well over a year, I used to get up at 2 or 3 am so I could go to the gym when there were not a lot of noisy, inconsiderate people there.  I usually slept 2 times a day, each for 3 or 4 hours.  I actually enjoyed that – and my workouts were great.

Now I do love Stacia very much and really, REALLY (did I say ‘REALLY’?) want her to get smerakda giannini into the best shape of her life so she can see how much better she looks and feels – BUT I really do not like going to the gym with her.  My solo gym sessions are much like church for the religious or meditation for those who meditate.  Believe it or not – they are totally relaxing and invigorating.  I have missed them A LOT.

But I do digress.  When I started going to the gym with Stacia, it became a task.  I’d find myself waiting in the car out in the parking lot, while she took her time getting ready.  Too often I would just be starting my day pissed off and tired.  Very rarely did we even say one word to each other during the 10 minute drive.  Once we got to the gym, I would let myself get frustrated by her apparent lack of desire to work hard and put in max effort.  The one thing I have enjoyed about these workouts is driving home and telling each other three things we appreciate.  Gratitude is something I never want to lack in my life.  It pays back so greatly …  Speaking of which, I am grateful that Stacia does want to improve herself and get healthy.  I also appreciate that she got up and went to the gym by herself today….  I want, need and deserve a healthy and happy partner.

While we were talking yesterday about only doing tasks that one likes, I explained to her that I didn’t want to hurt her, but that there are many tasks that I have adopted that I absolutely HATE doing.  I don’t like going to the gym with her.  I don’t like cooking for her and Makaya.  I especially don’t like cleaning up dishes, pots and pans and the kitchen after them.  Laundry is perhaps my least favorite activity in the world.  In my mind, someone has to do these tasks and if I don’t, then nobody will.