August 1st This Year Brings Good Vibes, The Start of Big, FAT Changes

(WARNING:  This post is much more personal than most of my writing.  If reading it might make you uncomfortable, please don’t.)

For some reason today (being August 1st) seems more like a day for goals, setting intentions and starting massive change than does January 1st.  Notice I did NOT mention resolutions – I’ve never believed in them!

Perhaps the recent nice weather has got me in a good mood and a bit motivated, I’m not sure if that is why, but I feel like some huge changes are finally going to be happening.

I finally feel like I’m finally ready for a real intimate relationship again.  It’s about time.  I guess I’ve been divorced for two or three years now and it’s taken me some time to get back to a place where I’m willing to give of myself and care about another person the way they deserve to be cared for.  It’s been so long since I’ve really dated that I’m not sure I know how to any more – or if I ever did …

What is more than a little heart breaking is that I thought for sure I already knew the perfect girl for me.  Very sweet, smart good looking and full of compassion and self-confidence.  I’ve given it time and space, but, probably for a lot of reasons, it has not worked out.  I’ve waited long enough, but just cannot wait any longer – there are too many amazing experiences waited to be had.

I’m just hoping that I can find a special lady to share them with …. and finally know that I’m going to – and that it will be relatively soon.  I predict I will have a new partner and roommate by the end of the year (if not by the end of the summer).

OK – so I have shared with you one of my newest and highest priority personal goals.  Do YOU have any suggestions on how I should go about my goal of meeting a nice lady?  Should I starting hitting the grocery stores?  Start spending more time in the bars?  Join a social club like the Bellevue Club, Columbia Tower Club or the Harbor Club?  Or is online dating like or the answer these days?  Any help, input or experience you have in this regard would be most helpful.

One of the things that I’ve been working on is a “LIST” – my mother swears up and down how important it is to have a list of qualities one wants in a mate, including “must haves”, “should haves” and “ideally has”.  She really didn’t like it when I told her the first thing on the list is that the best prospect is either independently wealthy and/or has a very good paying job with a lot of freedom to do what she wants.  My mom said there is “no way that will ever work”, but I didn’t have the heart to tell her that the idea to “find a rich one” came from her husband.  He is a smart guy ….

I’ll detail my “LIST” in another post, but there is a crazy little project I’ve been plotting for a couple weeks that I wanted to write a bit about.   Don’t ask me why, but I am challenging anybody who wants to participate to a contest.  The contest is that I bet that I can gain more weight in the next six months, than anyone else can lose (I don’t think that anyone will be able to gain as much either, so I’m up for that challenge too.

Kauai Falls 2003

Kauai Falls 2003 - Can you tell which one of us was pregnant?

I’ve done this type of bet before, but not over such a short and defined period of time.  In the past I had challenged a friend who was always talking about losing weight.  I just got so tired of hearing about it that I told him flat out that I could gain more weight than he could lose.  Not a fair bet at all, but I kicked his butt.  I started out at 168 pounds and peaked at about 212 lbs – although at the time I did have the advantage of being married to a girl who wanted to feed me ALL the time ..  Despite both of us working out pretty hard for awhile, and training with Mr. Olympia Bodybuilder Nasser El Sonbaty, he did not lose a pound and stayed exactly the same weight.

So this time, I thought maybe I could get a number of people involved in the challenge – if you know anyone who wants to lose (or gain) weight, please let them know.  It would be great to get a bunch of peeps motivated about it.

The thing about this challenge is that after I gain as much weight as I do in six months, then I am going to lose it all – and teach others how to do the same.  It’s going to be quite a challenge, but it’s going to be a fun adventure.

To help along with this project, I am looking for local, Bellevue, Eastside and Seattle restaurants to contribute to the challenge: if you donate a meal for myself and a friend, you can be part of the story of this adventure.  If you can do more – I will do more to help promote your business.  If you have any ideas on how we might partner on this, please do let me know at your earliest convenience.  To gain the weight I am anticipating, I am going to need to be eating A LOT – and help you can provide is appreciated!

Another good partnership that could be creating during this project would be with a health club, professional personal trainer and nutritionist.  There are a number of really nice gyms around and an even larger number of awesome trainers.  If any of them are looking for more business and the positive publicity that could come out  this project, I’d love to hear from them – I’m not really excited to be spending as much time as I have at 24 Hour Fitness …

Way Too Fat for Comfort

Not sure I'd ever want to get this fat again - way too fat for comfort ...

I’d love to hear from David Barton Gym in the Bravern or the Bellevue Club (both are real close to home), but will definitely consider all options and any offers.  Besides writing about the gym, trainer and nutritionist that I end up working with on this blog, I’m pretty sure I will be working to promote the hell out of them on the Bellevue news site too!  Should be a lot of fun!

BTW – on July 29th I weighed in at the gym at 168 lbs.  Today, August 1st, I weighed in at 172.  I’ll soon be growing out of my clothes (last time I did this I had to change pant sizes from 33 to 34 to 36 to eventually 38 (with elastic waistbands)).  If you see me in the next six months or so, there is a good chance I will be wearing shorts, sweats or some type of pants with a drawstring …  ;-)  This makes me realize – I’m going to need partners in the fashion design and clothing businesses as well ..  Any ideas or suggestions?




  1. OK – no it wasn’t April Fools, but it is foolish to want to gain so much weight – without a bet and/or related goals.  After gaining 5 pounds in 3 days, I realized that I could easily gain a lot of weight, but do make the sacrifices required for me to do so is not worth the pain and effort – unless of course there is a large bet, reward or some type of sponsorship on the line.

    I’ve decided to just keep my body fat under 10% and gain about 7 more pounds for now.