Journal to Abundance: Day 2 Get into State

Write Yourself into a State of AwesomenessI’ve been kind of slacking it the last few days – just been feeling a lot of pain from injuries suffered in a recent car accident.  Maybe this following exercise will be very tough for me – or maybe it will be exactly what I need.  I do know how important that ‘state’ is – one of my mentors, a guy named Tony Robbins, first taught me about state.

Get Into STATE!

Let’s get real baby. If you don’t FEEL the way you need to feel, daily, it’s going to be pretty hard to get the results you want in business OR life.

If you’re honest with yourself it will be one of the key reasons you don’t take the actions you know you should or COULD be taking in your business. It is also the reason a lot of the time you simply DON’T feel like it!

Resistance got you bound …
You’re tired …
You’re overwhelmed …!
You just don’t WANNA …!


The thing is … you SHOULD get to feel good, every day, but also? It’s irresponsible not to and you simply won’t be ABLE to live your purpose and achieve your goals if you don’t!

Rather than simply tell you how to use journaling to change your state, today I want to show you by sharing straight from my journal an example.

I journal like this every single day, even if I ALREADY feel motivated and switched on, filled with self-belief! It works even on the days when you feel completely blah, so imagine how powerful it is when you already have your head in the game!

Powerful “I am” and state changing statements such as these ones are amongst my favorite journaling tools, and I use them daily.

Here is my example:

“I am rich
I am a seriously wealthy woman
I am in fantastic fucking shape
I create my reality now
I am doing the work I was called to do
I am in my genius zone
I love my clients and my community
My community is my why, in a BIG way
I just want to inspire you to press play!
I have brilliant downloads and ideas daily
I make money from flow, with ease!
I am in fantastic shape
I love my life
I make an extra 100k this weekend cash received
My next big idea just flows and it is of MASSIVE value and service
I am in flow

Action: now it’s your turn. Write a full page of state changing exercises out, focusing on whatever comes to mind for you or feels important!
Here’s my assignment @CoachStaciaKennedy:
I live each day with energy and passion.
I do the things that most people won’t so I can have the things that most people can’t.
Thoughts become things, and I choose the good ones (credit Michael Dooley and TUT).
I live with appreciation.
I am the luckiest guy on the planet.
My family and friends are what is really important.
I always choose experiences over possessions.
I love teaching Ava Kalea to be friendly, outgoing and to always think of others.
Abundance is everywhere and it is our right to enjoy it.
I love to be outdoors – especially when close to the water or in the mountains.
I’m getting a Tesla (I always smile when I see a Tesla, think about Tesla  vehicles or get to talk about Tesla cars)
I am in excellent physical condition and am getting better all the time.
Each day in every way, I am getting better, better and better!
I am working to chisel out the best me I can be.
10,000 hours – they carry me.
66 days to create a habit.  What habit am I creating today? #1Habit
I love to inspire people to make positive changes in their lives.
Eating right is fueling my body right.  My body is a Ferrari and needs the best fuel available.
I am an excellent writer.  Writing comes easy to me.  When I sit down to write, the words and ideas just flow in a completely easy to understand way.
My readers love to read what I write.  They don’t necessarily agree with what I write, but they do love reading it and always ask for more.
I am a technology expert and like to share my knowledge and help others with technology issues whenever appropriate.
I love promoting other businesses and helping them get more customers and a lot more sales.
I love people from all walks of life.  There is something to learn from everyone and in every situation.
Life is good and getting better every day.
So many good things are happening and I’m excited about the future.
It’s so much fun to plan our future travels from skiing to beaches all over the world.
I’m so lucky to be married to the girl of my dreams and make sure she hears that all the time.
How lucky am I to have a beautiful woman to buy flowers for whenever I want?
Money just keeps on rolling in from unexpected sources all the time.
We have plenty of money to do anything we want to do.  Money is never an issue in our priorities.
The more that I wrote in this exercise, the more that I really like my idea about recording customized affirmations for people.  Need to think more about this very soon …  Could very well go along with the jumping for health tour.

Journal to Abundance: Day 1

Day 1: Brain Dump
We have all the answers inside of us. The more you ask within, the more you will bring out the answers we are seeking. Write a minimum of 3 full length pages.
No specific rules to do this, just sit there and anything that comes to your mind just write it down. It’s a stream of consciousness. Whatever feel called to do. You can write a to do list, but it doesn’t have to be.
Think of it as unplugging everything in your mind. Unblock anything the good the bad, and ugly anything going on in your head. Detox of anything emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Keep going until you feel purged.
Let me know if you have questions
Love you!

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Obituary: Joseph Morgan Kennedy, Seattle Washington April 6, 2017

Joseph Morgan Kennedy October 28 1933 to April 6 2017 Joseph Morgan Kennedy was born on October 28, 1933 and died in Seattle on Thursday April 6, 2017.  He was a father, brother, son and husband.  He is survived by his widow Wendy Kennedy, sister Mary Coe Blom, daughter Jennifer Varrelman, step-daughter Stephanie, step-son Loren, sons Chris, Mike and Joe and numerous grandchildren.

Joe M. Kennedy spent the last years of his life Continue reading “Obituary: Joseph Morgan Kennedy, Seattle Washington April 6, 2017”

Joe Connector is Back!

Joe Connector Kennedy Grateful Dad 072916A couple of years ago I had a serious issue with my websites being hacked.  I was traveling A LOT for work and just did not have the bandwidth to take the proper actions.  I got frustrated, moved all of my sites to Google’s Blogger and quit my hosting package at Host Gator.

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Lost Wages

Sitting here in a crappy hotel room in Las Vegas – again.

Not sure how I keep ending up in this hellhole, but I’m thinking it just might finally be my last visit ever.

The only reason I am here now is that Stacia’s dad Gordon and step-mom Louise are in from Oahu for vacation.  It’s been great to see them and get them to meet Ava Kalea too.  Just by ‘coincidence’, Stacia’s ‘besties’ were in town too and while it was good to see them, for some reason, the breastfeeding mom of a 5 month old in a strange hotel decided that she needed to go clubbing with her friends until past 2:30am on Saturday night.

Meanwhile, Ava screamed.  And she screamed.  And she screamed.  She would not take formula.  She missed her mommy.  She missed her bed.  And she screamed.

I took her for walks around the block for over an hour.  We got back.  She was asleep.  For a short time.  Then she woke and screamed again – waking hotel neighbors and eventually causing people to start knocking on our door and telling us to shut up.

She went to sleep again, waking screaming about about 2:30am.  I who had been up since 4:05 in the morning, driving for work and then driving to Vegas, then listening to the screaming baby dragged my tired and crabby ass out of a warm bed to get the screaming Ava Kalea back into the car seat for more walks around the block.

I was so pissed that Stacia would not even bother to call to see how Ava was doing – and even more pissed that she’d stay out until past 2:30 in the morning.  I was so pissed, that on the way out the door, I told Makaya that if his mom did not show up before 4am, she could meet us back in San Diego.

I’m still pissed at Stacia for her lack of consideration for Ava, Makaya, myself and all the hotel guests that Ava kept up while screaming for comfort.  She had the nerve to ‘apologize’ to me by saying ‘I’m sorry that YOU had a difficult time last night’.  I knew that she was just trying to bait me, so I just did not even say a thing.

If Stacia still wants to put clubbing with her ‘besties’ over taking care of our baby, I have made a grave mistake …  I just don’t think it is right for a mom of a 5 month old to be out past 2:30 in the morning with her friends instead of taking care of her baby.  I don’t understand why she would do that at all – with absolute zero concern for anyone else.

Then to apologize for ME having a tough time ……

This could be the beginning of the end.  I don’t put up with this BULLSHIT!

Everything is Perfect!

Everything is Perfect Because:

My family and friends enjoy great health, wealth and happiness.
I am fortunate to get to spend quality time with family and friends on a regular basis.  Super lucky to have such great friends and a wonderful mate and life partner.
We all have choices – and make lots of great decisions daily.
Money is a tool that flows freely in great abundance.
We get to live where we want, when we want, doing what we want.

I am married to the most beautiful woman in the world, the girl of my dreams – Stacia Kennedy.

My daughter Nataliya Kennedy is smart, caring young lady who has many great options in life.  She is successful in whatever she chooses to be.  She has a great mom, step-dad and Baba, who she travels with frequently.  I get to spend time with her whenever possible and we both enjoy every second of each other’s company.

Makaya Loo is a brilliant student and a budding YouTube star.  He makes awesome videos and has a huge following that gives him a world of awesome opportunities.  He has lots of friends and great family and gets to spend time with them whenever he changes.  Together we find common ground to explore continue to build a strong relationship that will last as long as I do.

Ava Kalea Kennedy is growing strong and healthy in momma”s belly and is anxious to make her appearance in the world and will be a real world changer.  She is a blessing to her parents, family and many, many people around the world.

Life is good and continues to get better.  I am very lucky and extremely blessed.

Grateful.  I am very grateful.

Aloha from Kaneohe Hawaii!

Aloha from Kaneohe Hawaii!  I’m sitting on the back patio at Patty’s mom’s house in my shorts with no shirt, watching the rain pour down.  It’s kind of cold for here – probably around 72 (weather on iPhone says 73 – so that was a pretty good guess).  I was sent here for work, which rented me a cheap room in Waikiki, but when invited to stay here, the choice was simple.

I’ve been meaning to start writing again, but just haven’t got myself to do it up until now.  I worked a Vitamix show at Costco in Waipahu for 17 days that ended the day before Memorial Day.  It was definitely tough working before open to close for 17 straight days and sales were not close to what I was hoping for.

I have a few days off before starting a short 4 day inline show at the Costco in Hawaii Kai on Thursday.

It’s been great to be able to spend time with my friends Ray and Patty.  As always, they show me an uncalled for and unfathomed amount of love and Aloha.  I am greatly humbled and at times have a difficult time understanding their kindness.

I’ve been to Hawaii many, many times in the past – but just on this trip am starting to ‘get’ the real meaning of Aloha.  Learning, feeling and living Aloha really has me wanting to move here more than ever.

Been writing and thinking way too much of myself – my beautiful wife Stacia is pregnant!  Our baby girl Ava Kalea Kennedy is due to arrive in September – and I am super excited!  I know Stacia is too!  It has been difficult to be away from them – and Makaya too!

Life is not without it’s hardships – and one of the hardest things that I have ever experienced is being away from and not being able to talk to Jacqueline, who is now going by the name Nataliya.  Not sure if she realizes it, but I actually gave her that part of her middle name in honor of the Nataliya who introduced Jackie’s mom and I.

Yesterday we visited Ray and Patty’s friends Mark and Michelle who were stay-cationing at Koolina resort with their daughter Mia and Michelle’s parents.  They are super nice people and Mia is 12 just like Nataliya.  I could not help but think that they could be great friends.  If only ….

I know Makaya doesn’t want to move here, but it would be really cool if we could.  It looks like I may have a chance to work more shows here with Vitamix (but I really need to do better with sales to make it work).  I’m also looking for other opportunities here on the island (and in San Diego) as well, so my options are open at this point.  I’m feeling very drawn to starting some kind of business – but at this point, I just don’t know which direction to go.  I guess the universe will point me in the right direction when the time is right ….  until then, I will just try to keep writing.

Not sure if anyone reads this stuff, but if you do, please leave me a comment and let me know where you are in the world and your life journey – and if there is any way I can be of assistance.


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So Much Has Changed, My Love for Nataliya Kennedy Has Not

I guess I might be a little distracted.  Just a little.  Focus has not yet become a strong suit – but I am getting better each day.

I hadn’t visited this blog in a quite awhile – and would have never guessed that I had not posted in almost a year …..  A lot has changed in that year.  My daughter quit talking to me.  I got married.  My wife is pregnant (and we are expecting our first child together in September).  We moved to San Diego (my home for most of the last 30+ years and where my daughter was born).

My daughter has apparently decided that she no longer wants to be known as Jacqueline Kennedy and is going by the name Nataliya Kennedy. (I heard this from an administrator at her school about a week before her mom told me in an email). This actually makes me smile not only because I’m glad that she is thinking for herself, but because I actually gave her middle name of Nataliya – named after the person who introduced me to her mom.  I’m sure she doesn’t know, but her mom named her Jacqueline and I wanted to give her a Russian middle name that she could use in case being Jacqueline Kennedy just got too much for her.

No matter what she wants to be called, I am missing her deeply each and every single day.  Being away from her is easily the most difficult thing that I have ever done – with the possible exception of the time at the doctor’s office when I had to hold her down so that they could shoot her foot up with anesthesia.  There have been many tears shed and thoughts of “what if”.  I miss her now living 1300 miles away, just as much as I did living less than 2 miles away.  She still won’t talk to me and I just have to realize that I cannot do anything about it.

Well, I suppose that I could have refused to sign the application for her to renew her passport, so she would not be able go to Kiev this summer.  I could have said I won’t sign, unless she speaks to me.  That would have been counterproductive – and I NEVER want to hold her back.

Every day I hope and I pray (even though I am not religious at all), that she will call me, come visit and decide to be a part of our lives again.  We all miss her and cannot wait until she understands that she is greatly loved no matter what – and that this love comes with no conditions.  It doesn’t matter that she’s mad that I got married, it doesn’t matter that she has chosen not to speak to me – I will ALWAYS love her unconditionally.  I love you Nataliya Kennedy!  Call me (858) 262-0944.

Looking for Great Recipes Healthy, Tasty or Healthy AND Tasty?

Great Recipes healthy vs tastyGreat Recipes Needed for Family Dinners

Since adopting a tradition of Sunday family dinners I need to try new great recipes.  What the heck – I’ve got live guinea pigs to experiment on …

I’m still not sure if I should be looking for great recipes that are healthy, or should just focus on making great recipes that are tasty.  I’m on a clean eating live-it most of the time, but I’m ok with an occasional ‘cheat meal’.  I’d prefer to serve people (especially family and friends) healthy food, but also want to make sure that it is something that they will eat and enjoy.

One ‘must have’ for this recipe is that it must be something that a picky 11 year old will eat ….  I’m thinking I could be safe this week with macaroni and cheese with bacon – but would love to hear your suggestions.

Kindly send me your GREAT recipes!  You may just get an invite to a future family dinner …

BTW – please subscribe to Joe Tesla Kennedy on YouTube.  I am trying to win a subscriber challenge with Stacia and Makaya.