My Character Defect (just one of them)

My-Character-DefectTonight Stacia and I were talking about our days and our plans and the topic turned to our workouts.  We’ve been working very hard to get in good shape for a photo shoot on the beach in Hawaii on October 2nd, the day after we get to the islands.Continue Reading

Medina Beach Sunset July 12, 2014

Medina Beach Sunset

Sunset at Medina Beach in Medina Washington on July 12, 2014. Video sped up to 4x real time. If you enjoyed this video, please Like, Share and SUBSCRIBE. If you want to help me manifest the ‘impossible’ check out . If you are interested in designing an awesome lifestyle, like Stacia and I are […]

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Joe “The Connector” Kennedy Interviewed on

I’m not sure if I ever posted this before, but earlier this year I was interviewed about business networking on  They asked some really great questions – some of which I’ve never been asked before.  One that I seldom worry about is that what people find when they google your name. When people google […]

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My Big Hairy Audacious Goal

BHAG Big Hairy Audacious Goal

Yesterday I posted my personal goals on a blog for what may have been the first time ever.  This morning at the gym during my 3am workout, I was inspired to add a Big Hairy Audacious Goal or BHAG. My short-term BHAG / Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to have the I’m Getting a Tesla […]

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Joe Connector’s Goals – June 23, 2014

I’m not sure that I’ve ever put my goals on a public blog before, but this could be the first time.  I’m really fascinated about something Tim Ferris said in a video I watched yesterday of him giving a talk at SXSW – and it’s not the first time I heard it.  “Measure everything”.  But […]

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I’m Going to Get a Tesla

Grey Tesla Model S

This is so cool!  It has been two weeks since I first drove the Tesla Model S for a day and wrote a review of it for Bellevue Business Journal and Luxury Fitness Fun.  Since then I have had one proposal for a Tesla Summer Tour 2014 shot down by the Tesla Motors communications department […]

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Seeking Real Estate Millionaires to Be Interviewed on The Millionairess in Training Podcast

The Millionairess in Training logo

Change is nothing new in my world, but lately things seem to be evolving super quickly.  I’ve always had a big-time phobia about the name of Stacia Loo’s website The Millionairess In Training and have found it difficult to support her in it.  BUT and here’s the big BUT, after seeing the statistics of site […]

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Bodybuilding Barbie is a True Inspiration

Barbie competing

You’ve got to see this video of Barbie, who is a bodybuilder and blogger at Fitness Unarmed. After watching this video, it is impossible to even think about making an excuse for not following your dreams.  Are YOU following your dreams?

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Jacqueline Kennedy is Plotting to Take Over the World

In this short interview, actress Jacqueline Kennedy reveals that she enjoys scheming against her enemies and is plotting to take over the world: role by role.

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Rahat is Awesome. Period.

This guy Rahat does things that not many people would even think of doing.  Awesome.  Watch the video and see for yourself. Then check out his site at Penguin Magic and support everything he does!

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