Musings from Joe "Connector" Kennedy

Made it to 55! Thank You For All Birthday Wishes!

I can honestly say it’s GREAT to be 55! I never thought I would get this far, but am certainly very happy to be here! I want to thank everyone for the thoughtful messages and especially phone calls yesterday – it was great to hear from a lot of people I haven’t talked to in some time.

Hope I get to speak with more of you in the coming days, weeks, months and year.

I had a great birthday – my beautiful wife took us for a sushi lunch and Ava Kalea and I got to spend some quality time on the beach in Solana Beach.

I’m so very thankful and grateful for such great friends and family – thank you all for making my birthday a most excellent day. Happy New Year my friends! 2018 is going to be GREAT!

Journal to Abundance: Day 2 Get into State

Journal to Abundance: Day 2 Get into State

I’ve been kind of slacking it the last few days – just been feeling a lot of pain from injuries suffered in a recent car accident.  Maybe this following exercise will be very tough for me – or maybe it will be exactly what I need.  I do know how important that ‘state’ is –… Continue Reading

Journal to Abundance: Day 1

Journal to Abundance: Day 1

Day 1: Brain Dump We have all the answers inside of us. The more you ask within, the more you will bring out the answers we are seeking. Write a minimum of 3 full length pages. No specific rules to do this, just sit there and anything that comes to your mind just write it… Continue Reading

Obituary:  Joseph Morgan Kennedy, Seattle Washington April 6, 2017

Obituary: Joseph Morgan Kennedy, Seattle Washington April 6, 2017

Joseph Morgan Kennedy was born on October 28, 1933 and died in Seattle on Thursday April 6, 2017.  He was a father, brother, son and husband.  He is survived by his widow Wendy Kennedy, sister Mary Coe Blom, daughter Jennifer Varrelman, step-daughter Stephanie, step-son Loren, sons Chris, Mike and Joe and numerous grandchildren. Joe M. Kennedy… Continue Reading

Joe Connector is Back!

A couple of years ago I had a serious issue with my websites being hacked.  I was traveling A LOT for work and just did not have the bandwidth to take the proper actions.  I got frustrated, moved all of my sites to Google’s Blogger and quit my hosting package at Host Gator. Slowly over… Continue Reading

Everything is Perfect!

Everything is Perfect Because: My family and friends enjoy great health, wealth and happiness.I am fortunate to get to spend quality time with family and friends on a regular basis.  Super lucky to have such great friends and a wonderful mate and life partner.We all have choices – and make lots of great decisions daily.Money… Continue Reading

Aloha from Kaneohe Hawaii!

Aloha from Kaneohe Hawaii!  I’m sitting on the back patio at Patty’s mom’s house in my shorts with no shirt, watching the rain pour down.  It’s kind of cold for here – probably around 72 (weather on iPhone says 73 – so that was a pretty good guess).  I was sent here for work, which… Continue Reading

My First Article at Hub Pages: All About Advertising Value in Bellevue

This afternoon I wrote my first article for Hub Pages, titled Best Advertising Value in Bellevue Washington.  I talked about how we are really working hard to promote our advertisers at Bellevue Business Journal and give them the absolutely best value in advertising. Besides always offering all businesses to submit their own press releases, Bellevue… Continue Reading